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Smart: PSP|>rive. This is a site to sync down content for your PSP, mostly MPEG4 videos. The PSP is very interesting and not because it can play games but rather music and wide-screen videos. Once Sony unleashes the full run-time of the CPU plus provides web-browsing via the built-in WiFi, you’re going to have a hell of a mini-platform.

Looking at Joel’s book list (Joel on Software – Book Reviews) I pleased to see that I own probably 2/3′s of the list (though I haven’t gotten around to reading all of them yet :-) . Nice to see some additional texts to read should I reach that glorious day that I’m actually caught up reading all the books I have.

Now, the question is, can I author something via FrontPage and then paste that into my Outlook note, send that, and not have all my HTML screwed to heck and back?

One last test. I figure that’s okay since this blog is new and I’m the only one tickling this small part of the matrix.



That didn’t look very good at all!


So now I need to resort to publishing via Outlook directly. Nice to be able to type in Outlook. Not so nice to have to endure Outlook’s / Word’s garbled sense of what HTML is.



<P>This is a test via email to see if I can publish here.</P>
<P>I actually prefer to use Outlook and other goodies. First I’m going to
try just write a plain text message with my own HTML markup to see if it
will work.</P>
<P>With <i>anticipation…</i></P>

In the world of Firefox, the – greasemonkey add-in has a lot of buzz right now. It seems to let you right little scriptlets that alter your web pages. This filter lets you take out AdSense bits or tweak the page to your liking. What a great simple little idea. And why don’t we have something like this for IE? It wouldn’t be hard.

How many blogs must a geek write to until that geek can claim Alpha Geek status?

I’ve decided to break-out from my other blog here, , because there are some techy posts I’d like to slap up along with more edgy content that just wouldn’t be appropriate for gentle readers out there.

Well, this is the test post to see if I’ve entered all the right parameters.