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This is more of a lazy and selfish reminder to me to download some of the nifty info from here: Microsoft Pro Photo Downloads. I especially need to check-out the tool for meta-data info… but now I’m remembering someone posted a PowerShell script that let you dump out JPG metadata…

The cool thing: a very useful collection of source / projects: Programming Resources, News and Ideas: Most Active Open Source Projects in Codeplex.

The weird thing: found via Slashdot (!).

I’ve seen several articles recently about an upcoming middle management supply crisis, meaning that things are going to get worse before they get better: Who wants to be a middle manager? –

I don’t see this as being a problem where I work, but I’ve read about other technology companies where managers have upwards of nearly 100 direct reports (none of those reports being managers). How in the world can you really manage and develop that many people? Your duties must be exceptionally light per person or there are virtual teams that self-police themselves to make progress.

I think that embedded microformat data is the Next Big Thing. Of 2007, at least: Official Google Maps API Blog: Microformats in Google Maps .


Not only can your browser (with plug-ins as of today) do something interesting with the microformats, it also gives a lot more intelligence to search engines and anything else paying attention to the pages you’re viewing.

The pre-Next Big Thing: how do people agree on emerging microformats so that we don’t have macro-babel?