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Wow, what a delightful surprise to see former InfoPath’er (and NetDocser) Adriana winning this award in her post-Microsoft life: 

That would be Adriana Neagu, co-founder and CTO at Formotus, who was named “Technology Innovator of the Year” in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

She’s one of several winners in the region.

Neagu was called out for inventing FormoPublish services, a simplified system for non-technical business users to deploy custom mobile applications.

From: “Stevie” tech innovator of the year: She’s in Bellevue (The Seattle Times: Brier Dudley’s blog)

Nice recognition of what Windows Live does to hook-up to Microsoft and non-Microsoft services: 

[...] if you are a newcomer to Windows Live and check out the applications, either as an all-in-one download or piece by piece, you will discover one very un-Microsoft feature: They are not designed to work only with Microsoft products.

Take Windows Live Mail, for instance. The e-mail program can download Web mail from Google’s Gmail and from AOL, as well as Microsoft’s own Hotmail.

Or the new Photo Gallery: You can also upload your Windows Live-enhanced photos to Flickr, the picture-sharing Web site run by Yahoo.

Full article: Microsoft decides not to go it alone – International Herald Tribune