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Engadget finally picked up the video issue with the HTC Kaiser / AT&T Tilt, and this got HTC around to answering questions about it vs. blowing off the situation: HTC further responds to video driver issue, will improve future products – Engadget.

Well, probably helped a lot, too.

The CorePlayer guys have done some coding so that their upcoming product will work more natively with the hardware on the device, so it’s a “for pay” solution for watching videos at a more natural flow. Unfortunately, all remaining video heavy applications (like a graphical GPS program) suffer without a driver to do all this acceleration naturally.

My old Axim v51 kicks butt compared to the out-of-the-box HTC Kaiser / AT&T Tilt. And that’s too bad.

In this day and age, Windows Mobile devices need to compete directly against the iPhone, and this is a case of a hardware provider falling down and not doing the right thing for their customers.

Long has a pretty intensive work-out of two photo-stitching solutions in this post: Windows Live Photo Gallery gives leading commercial panoramic stitching software run for its money – istartedsomething . Thanks for the post, Long!

The ability to create a panorama out of a set of photos was released in Windows Live Photo Gallery and – looking at most of the blogging around the WLPG – has been one of the more enjoyed fun-features to the Gallery.

It can result in some delightful (and really, really big) photos along the way. Looks like the feature does reasonably well for Long, though the occasional seam-mismatch or drop happens. I personally haven’t tried stitching a seam of the same photo over and over again to see what happens, though I know former DMX’er Jordan did it as a way to make a stiched photo and appear in two places at the same time.