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Don’t go buying a Blu-ray player anytime soon:

Ironically, although Blu-ray has been declared the winner, it is right now about the worst time to invest in a standalone Blu-ray player, because of the high prices and looming obsolescence.

Source: TG Daily – Blu-ray player prices hit 2008 highs as competition dwindles .

I’ll probably end-up with a Blu-ray player of somesort by years end during the far more competitive holiday season, unless I can download via NetFlix and watch movies via my Xbox by then (or Xbox introduces a similar n-downloads per month plan like NetFlix has, with a comparable catalog).

I guess Java skills will continue for sometime to be useful, even if in a niche area like Blu-ray feature programming…

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Congratulations to everyone who has ever worked on the Photo Gallery for achieving this remark about Windows Live Photo Gallery:

All in all, this free download is one of the best programs Microsoft has developed in ages.

Source: My 10 favorite Windows programs of all time | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report |