Okay, I’ve ranted about HTML and XForms and XSD before. DerekDB puts in a much more authoritative view in this post: only this, and nothing more: XQuery… worse late than never – authoritative simply because Derek knows the deep dark implementation details to this kind of XML work.

I’ve only been a client of MSXML.

Snippet that jumps out at me:

I honestly think we would be better without XQuery. Let the vendors think for themselves and see what customers actually use. XQuery is a standard looking for a use, which is backward and guaranteed to produce a problematic result.

I sat through an MSDN presentation on XQuery a while back. Lots of WTF was going through my mind, emphasis a lot on the F, as I looked at the syntax and the non-returning return statement. Non-intuitive and inelegant and not the way I think as a developer dealing with data.

It just didn’t seem to be created by someone actually in the trenches needing to get some practical work done to make money and to make customers and partners pleased.

I can only hope and pray we don’t make the mistake of implementing this.

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