Two problems I’ve noticed switching to Google’s new Blogger:

  1. Doesn’t work with Word 2007′s blog interface. I know we worked long and hard with the Google guys to ensure that Word 2007′s blogging feature would continue to work when the new Blogger was released. It doesn’t. I’m asking around on this. Work-around: I continue to use Windows Live Writer, which was updated a couple of times to continue working with the new Blogger.
  2. Outlook 2007, when it consumes the Atom feed, displays all the dates as the same (1/1/2006). The XML has the correct dates, but somewhere from Atom 0.3 and the Atom being used now, the date is not getting detected. Chad is asking around on that. Work-around: an RSS feed is now published along-side the Atom feed. Use the RSS feed instead.