An interview with Bruce Tognazzini: Q&A with Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini.

It mentions the StarFire video ( – I have a VHS of Starfire that I bought back in the 90s because I was a hipster UI dude, living in Portland and being a smug little pre-web Mac-head digerati.

Then user-interface design got blown apart by crappy web pages.

Anyway, looks like you can download an MP4 of StarFire now. I guess I can stop being paranoid about losing my VHS tape.

Back to Bruce: he’s responsible for an instrumental essay that changed my outlook on life. He wrote about how a developer needs to understand Myers-Briggs personality types because most likely their personality type is very, very different than that of the user they are developing software for. So I found out at the time I was an INTJ (certain things started to make sense) and that my users were indeed quite different than that.

Let alone other people in the world.

I have both of Bruce’s books and I especially recommend “Tog on Interface.”