Kettle, you’re black.

Adobe 9 [dive into mark] goes into the initial sins discovered trying to install Acrobat 9 and all the crap and inconvenience that comes with it. Additionals:

Back when I was on Microsoft InfoPath, I saw the genesis of Acrobat into more than a convenient reader of PDF files but rather a whole new platform that Adobe wanted to scale up into, leveraging the wide distribution they got with Acrobat being a useful PDF reader (providing high-fidelity rendering in a low-fidelity HTML world). Form editing and more. Who knew Acrobat would be a competitor for an Office product?

And then they started glomming and glomming and glomming technology. And they have made Acrobat a performance pig.

Acrobat has become a clumsy vector for delivery of Adobe strategy. That seems like a violation of trust. One that reaps a black, bitter harvest.

Like, you know, my new HP desktop having a one-off PDF reader for the traditional use of plain ole PDF. Reading.

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