Eric’s super condensed Gnomedex notes for Day One of Gnomedex 09. (FYI: notes from the second day: Random Notes from the Second Day of Gnomedex 09).

Chris kick-off: Last year’s hit: Marc Canter’s presentation.


#1 Art of the Interview – Warren Etheredge

The Warren Report. 1,500 Interviews – art of the interview. Print, radio, etc.

  1. Need to listen.
  2. Bring no questions to interview.
  3. Win their trust.

Earn their respect.

“No offense to Texans here today. But you are idiots.”

(Warren’s recent tweet follow-up: @thewarrenreport I don’t think all Texans are idiots, just the UT rube who thought HOTEL RWANDA was a sequel to A FISH CALLED RWANDA.)

Ask something that throws them. Jumping off point for the person. No notes. No clipboard. Don’t be – James Lipton ?

“I’m sorry to turn a room off with aspeugers.”

Get their attention. Pay attention.

Win their trust.

Earn their respect.

Charlie Kaufman interview: do different. Little he’d do different.

#2 Rise of the Trust Agents – Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan

Attention wars and the rise of the Trust Agent.

Make your own game – standing out.

One of us – belonging.

Archimedes effect – leverage.

Agent zero – developing access.

Human artist – developing understanding.

Build an army – developing mass.

“The Attention Wars”

Competition with everything in the world, not just your niche.

Q: How many people w/ ADD does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: Let’s ride bikes!

Awareness, reputation, trust.

Post that: goes from empathy to entropy real fast.

Trust = social capital

Sc + web = links, traffic, social proof, a big f’n network.

Lifestyle design, make your own game. 3 levels to any game. Playing. Hacking. Programming.

Find your value differentiation.

Create a new word for yourself.

Learn the systems – attuned / distorted.

One of us.

Blue Sky Factory. Email marketing. Trust him. @gregcangialosi

Reaction to bad photos: “It’s an iPhone. Can someone tell Apple to make a camera.”

First 140 conference. If you can be at the beginning of a group. Weezer. Insider. “I’ve got twelve sided die.” Insider language.

Find the agent zero

Seek frictionless distrubtion

Be everywhere and create/maintain bonds

All knowledge is vocabulary


“Worst ever picture of Mike Arrington”

Leverage: take the good things you’ve done and leverage to the next level.

BillG: malaria mosquitos

Archimedes effect:

Build offyour previous success

Never start from nothing

Its all chips: winning the game is table stakes for the next game

Agent zero: Chris Pirillo – great example of connecting people.

Be the priest; build the church

Be the relationship before the sale

You live or die by your database

Be part of everyone’s 150

Human artist

Signals misunderstood on the web.

Connect people constantly

Share instead of horde

Practice simple touchpoints of loyalty

Self aware vs. self involved

Build armies

Give your ideas handles

Teach them to fish

Bring your own dialtone

Re-act with voting by our feet: “We unfollow the hot messes.”

#3 Active Skepticism Online – Phil Plait

Phil Plait – Skepticism Online – bad astronomy blog.


What is skepticism – demanding and examining evidence. Be willing to drop and idea if it’s wrong.

Optical illusions.


Bart Sibrel – moon landing. Buzz Aldrin. Search.

Why important?

It sucks to be fooled.

You can lose your money.

You can lose your life.

Grassroots Skepticism: stop (Sylvia Browne),, what’s the, skeptic’s dictionary, teen skepchick, skepticamp, young australian skeptics.

Overwhelmed by nonsense. (deep, growl-sigh): “Mating call of skeptics.”

#4 Life Extension for Geeks – Christine Peterson

Christine coined phrase “Open Source”

Life extension vs. health extension.

Health ^ 2.

“They’re made out of meat.” – short story / YouTube.

Things start to go wrong with our meat.

Fragile grey pudding. Can’t backup.

SENS Foundation.

Kronos science lab

BUCK institute.

Right now: apply available anti-aging methods.

Money & time.

Is your Dr. your friend for extension? Probably not. They are most likely in reactive medicine.

Good news: lots of things can help. Some can be fun.

Meditation: who in your life is toxic?

In 3 months, just through life extension, you can turn on & off gene markers. Baroo? – Dermal Display on YouTube.

Life extension is a biology experiment. Get a baseline. Kronos: for non-trival amount of $ you can get extensive analysis. Chrono-age vs. physiological age (aka Real Age). Oh, and get your insurance setup before you find out anything bad.

Supplements. What’s appropriate to take? Most people take pills indiscremently.

Calorie restrictions. Don’t teach your body that there’s a famine – it will hoard all the weight it can if you ever go up again.

TA-65 – slightly refined supplement. Claim is that telomeres will stop shortening / lengthen them.

$$$ mucho money per year.

Inflammaging: Chris has weight loss tips. Make a DVD.; weight loss for geeks.

#5 Personal Manufacturing: The Robots that Sharing Built – Bre Pettis

3d Printer – MakerBot.

Personal Computing ==> now ==> Personal Fabrication

Download or design things.

Download and “print”

Builds it up layer by layer.

Machine is being used to make more MakerBots.

“Egg Pants” video. DesignGlut – incredibly young ladies doing 3d product design.

Thingiverse – place to upload design files. -ooo, they have a companion cube!

Sharing and Fear. “Everything I do I share on the Internet.”

“But, if I give it away, <<fill in the fear>>”

Collaboration magic with shared object files: Walt Disney’s head + (a brain egg cup design)

Intern projects: ==> NYCResistor is where Bre met-up. Share ideas / experience.

Eastside hackerspace:

#6 FoldIt – Firas Khatib

Firas Khatib

Free, online protein folder video game.

Protein folding is important especially when you consider something like prion disease.

Rosetta looks for the low energy native state of a protein and cheats by knowing low energy states o ffragments and attempt to chain the low know states into the given larger chain.

Rosetta@home has 1.3m users for distribution problem solving (ala Seti@home)

(Tweets showing that this is beyond people’s background / interest; the Social Media audience effect.)

(Chris Pirillo to the rescue to put talk into context: playing the game can cure diseases.)

Alex Cho – parody of “I’m on a Boat” from SNL

Q: what about undermining SETI@home, StarDust@home, Folding@home; A: tough question. Yeah. They don’t have a video game!

#7 Todd Friesen


Search engine spammer. Not an email spammer. Being #1 for viagra and stuff like that.



Sites Positioned Above Mine

SEO for Nike, etc.

Search engin
e “Golden Triangle” for search result pages.

Bottom of the page is better than the middle of the page, if you’re not on the top.

RSS = Really Simple Stealing

Hired guys to write bots to scrape content before RSS. Then along came RSS. Splogs. Spam blogs.

Big right now: forum profiles.

Comment spam. Point in time that blogs had all sorts of authority. Use a bunch of proxy IDs to have 100,000 links back to sites the next morning. Guestbook spamming. Biker Guestbook spamming: great email.

Cross Site Scripting – search term just pure HTML and it is replicated in the search results page as in-place HTML.

Real time search – next frontier (e.g., twitter “buy viagra”).

Figure half of twitter aren’t even real people.

(Hallway break time — ooo, I am now the honored owner of an Amazon Traveling Ninja Coder who, like that well-traveled gnome, is ready to have his photos taken in interesting places)

#8 Best of Ignite! – hosted by Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest w/ O’Reilly – Ignite

“Enlighten us, but make it quick.”

Wish I was a little bit taller.

“My friend Elan wish he was taller” bug in product studio.

“Platform” issue; has shipped like this before.

Byron – Bike Hugger’s Guide to Bike Culture


“Plain clothes”



“Fixie Hipsters”

“Shop Monkeys”








Betsy – Social Media Guru.

Leave a trail.

Jay Cross – on time.

Book: “The Time Paradox”

Scotto More – a digital fairy tale

Filmed for Ignite Seattle

Nov 3rd King Cat Theater.

#9 My Cancer is Social – Drew Olanoff

My Cancer is Social

Opera 9 release in Seattle.

Job at; left for – flying monkeys!

Even @lancearmstrong can blame Drew’s cancer (broken collarbone)

YouTube clip of Jon Bon Jovi blaming the AFL season on Drew’s Cancer.

Wyclef Jean blaming ear-ache on Drew’s Cancer.

Making the cancer something tangible.

(hugs and not a dry eye in the house)

#10 Wrap-up

The Order of the Phez

Giveaway time.

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