Follow-up from yesterday: slides of Drew’s “My Cancer is Social” from Day 1 (Random Notes from the First Day of Gnomedex 09):

Chris kick-off: – augmented reality – download and printer paper template and then you can download google earth models and play around with moving them. Coverage yesterday: King5. Geek centric time-wasters. Social media focused. . Mark Glasser:

#1 A Twitter Top-Ten List (with Humor!) – Frank Eliason

Comcast cares. – When phone volumes in customer care spikes, the first thing the look for is what’s happening on Twitter that might be related to the phone call spike.

Top ten:

  • 10 Employees: Your employees are on twitter. People are going to talk.
  • 9 Customers: Your customers are on twitter.
  • 8: I work for Comcast.
  • 7: It all starts with a Tweet. YouTube: look for Motrin Moms. Response: on web site for two months, drawing additional attention.
  • 6: Sometimes you just need a break: Fail whale.
  • 5: To go with your break: free stuff.
  • 4: All businesses need: a social media experts.
  • 3: Your brand is Trending. And what do you have to say?
  • 2: We hear of businesses on Twitter all the time. Always same brands? Tools.
  • 1. Make New Friends: YouTube Telemarketing video by Chris Pirillo. This space is all about relationships. Can turn your detractors into your biggest raving fans. Back to Chris’ video: telemarketer called Chris to adopt internet service (Chris was already on it).

#2 Hacker Journalists – Mark Glaser and Jim Ray

A brief history… and a live specimen. MarkGlasser@mediatwit, JimRay@jimray. Challenge:

  1. Check out the projects
  2. Come up with your own project
  3. Must combine mashup – inform public. Maps + Multimedia.
  4. Just an outline, an idea
  5. Winning ideas features on PBS MediaShift.

Patron saint: Adrian Holovaty. – picked up crime data, pull it in, and show in maps. Journalist’s job: gather info, distill info, present info. Next project: for news around the block. – truth scorecard on politician statements. Won a Pulitzer for the truth-o-meter.

Located media: see a cell phone number marked for a site: call that number and get some history. Example: Bronx Rhymes.

Jim Ray at Anthropology storytelling + compsci @ UNC. Flickr stream. Degree: multimedia story telling. MSNBC just purchased EveryBlock. What is MSNBC really buying if the code is already open sourced? Adrian did Django.

Reviewing various projects: Political Maps, Hurricane Data. Hurricane Tracker.

Snark market: post on the article that you get and parts you don’t get. Too much background information / historical context.

Twitter and tapping into the zeitgeist. Info / twitpics.

Traditional software development process (feature based) just didn’t work very well. Need to start at the Universities to get new journos up to speed on leveraging technology. Need to graduate more people who have the skills and think different so that they can be hacker journos.

#3 Nerd Craft: A Field Guide – Beth Goza

Nicely constructed presentation! Ansley Bleu: Bleu Arts: Princess Liea Star Wars “hat”. Stitch Wars. Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Strings. Television. Stephanie Bryant – mortaine on Ravelry – comic panels (handknit heroes). Lifesize knitted Ferrari.

#4 Building Influence Online – Micah Baldwin

Micah started Follow Fridays on Twitter. Measuring Online Influence. The art and science of being awesome. Ignite Micah (Mee-haw). Whats Awesome about Influence? “Who is the #1 douchebag” on Google. “Why do I care about awesome” – Started Follow Fridays on Jan 16th. Would this become spammy. Nah. In the end. Yeah.

  1. Define influence
  2. Identify components of influence
  3. Provide a formula for influence

Influence: implicit or explicit effect on one thing (or person) on one thing (or person). Components:

  1. Trust: person A will always act as person B expects them to act. “Random trust equation” – expectations.
  2. Branding: is designed to create expectations about you and your actions. Be you. Personal brand shouldn’t be influenced by corporate brand.
  3. Expertise: knowledge is gained, expertise is given.

Influence = Reach (Brand * Expertise * Trust)

How to build online influence (become more awesome).

  1. Write like on one is reading.
  2. Write when you want to write.
  3. The moment you think “that would be a good blog post,” you become a blogger.

Become involved (#BlameDrewsCancer). Best part of community is feedback. Listen and learn about the things you need to change, evaluate, and change.

Content discovery and filtering: be a human filter; if you have trust, you can aggregate knowledge on your blog.

“Install Lijiit” my slides are at sorry I didnt get them up before! #gnomedex –

#5 20,000,000 vs 20: Audience vs. Impact – Jay Grandin & Leah Nelson

“We’re not geeks, but we’re trying really, really hard to be.”

Storytellers. JayGrandin; AntLeah; GiantAntMedia; BongoFilm. Fart jokes ending up helping in Tanzania to record a hip-hop album. (no sound – pesky Macs.)

Qualifications: viral vidoes: “How to shower: Women vs. Men” ==> Myspace; next YouTube “How to conceal a fart” Viral potential: Farting, Being Naked, really viral: Farting while Naked “A Date with a Giant Penis” YouTube video. Waiting on MySpace deal for content creator. Connected with MySpace friends to have places to stay / crash at around Europe. Finding: f#ck viral. Content viewership took a nose dive when starting to create videos important to Jay & Leah. Engagement, however, increased.

Created “Urban Project” and raised $8k. Tanzania. <– final film on the Tanzania hip-hoppers. Playing trailer.

#6 TBD Improv Show and Tell Time – international. Find coupons. … Q: how many people have iPhones? A: 85% of the room. … – women’s stories in developing countries. … Interesting app in crowd built maps: Waze has user generated maps, but if you’re the first person to drive through a street, it goes into a pac-man kind of mode to help map the street and you get points. … PocketMeter / Sonar Radar – uses ecolocation by emitting a sound and determining how far way something is … using Social Media to assist with mental wellbeing … app – records short
audio clips / RSS wrapped podcasts (smooth) … “Digital Ocean: sampling the sea” … – wanted to know what people were eating for dinner. Wants to track the tweetcloud trend automatically. … – meant for pre-readers … – downloadable browser for kid-friendly sights for safe browsing … + South Africa. Huge amount of mobile phone adoption. … – can type in chords and such and have generated MIDI and a nice scroll. … to make a skittles site for yourself. … Sweetcron – lifestream and pulls all your data into one sight to build your lifestreaming site. … – website w/ mobile CSS. Tells you how far away your bus is, in minutes. … Buzz: oops, flashing screen … Android Tricorder app. LCARS system. … – add graffiti overlay for other people’s website … Snag-It for screen grabs (and for really embarrassing positions with Chris – flickr must) … – ask to have a Facebook app to join the registry and order a kit … – inspirational video … … Kathy Gil (UW broadcasting) Skitch for Mac – screen capture & productivity tool … – Drupal dev site … Derek Miller flickr mimiandpapa user. Took picture of sun – sunspot and Mercury. Next: apod space station going across sun.; … … Josh again: auto stitch for creating pano; Pocket Universe – move around and it shows the sky and labels what you’re looking at; Geocaching

People are showing off either web sites or iPhone apps.

#7 Amazon, Affiliates & Taxes – Angel Djambazov

Amazon tax and affiliates – oops, Chris’ Mac seems to want to auto-advance the slides for some unknowable reason. PC to the rescue. – Tax law and affiliate tax. is a large target for taxation. “The Case of Quill Corp. v. North Dakota” – 1992.

#8 A Conversation about Social Change through Social Media – Mark Horvath

The face and voice of homelessness – Invisible People: @hardlynormal – – “I have two gifts: I’m loud and I’m pushy.” Traveling around the company giving a voice to homelessness. Was a TV executive. Syndication end. Homeless. Lived on Hollywood Boulevard. Average homeless person is nine years old. TwitPic’d pictures of a toddler Alexandria – two pictures, many blogs written about her quickly. Just in Atlanta: video of Angela.

“Authenticity is replacing production values” when it comes to videos being shared.

How did Angela get that way? “Beth’s story.”

“We have a perfect storm coming.”

Power of social media – needed shoes for kids – put it online and immediately had 50 pairs of shoes. Joseph: had maggots in his legs. James: at Nickelsville in Seattle; trying to build a kitchen area.”This is a community.” Came to Seattle looking for work, with Alaska for processing. Nickelsville: beautiful community. Brings James up on stage.

Mark: foreclosure ruined his credit score and now can’t get an apartment. Does giving money do more harm? Question Mark has been waiting for. I give money sometimes – you’ll know in yourself. “I’ve been conned before.” Atlanta: homeless was aggressive. The reason they are aggressive is because they are not getting food or anything. Not a good thing: donating left over food.

James: “It’s not handouts. It’s opportunity.” Two parent families are the growing portion of homelessness and they are worried about their kids being taken away, so they are not allowing themselves to be counted. – recent article about Stree Papers (like Real Change).

#9 Prosthetic Culture – Amber Case – cyborg anthropologist. (Robot()()Cop) Aimee Mullins – prosthetic legs. Objects are also prosthetic. Phones: ears. Laptops: fingers. Study how tech augments our ability to live. Where do machines begin and humans end. When do we start to become non-human. Space is very similar to…the “Information Society” – We are all cyborgs. Graph of internet domain-based graph. Looks like a universe. “Civilization and its Discontents” by Freud. Omit unnecessary cyborgs (poor clippy).

Picking items off of supermarket shelves vs. off the trees – hunter & gathering in store. – wtf?

Magical cellphones. Apple store: best reseller of prosthetics. Looks like a museum. We shed our prosthetics like trilobites shed their body parts for regrowth.

Term: telenoia. Anxiety in the face of increasing integration of technology. “Facebook is one of the best spreadsheet ever to come out.” – playing a giant game of spreadsheet – updating columns. Basically database animals. We’ve become famous machines.

Steve Mann – wearable computing / MIT. 1980, 1985, 1991, 1995, 1998 – all just in his glasses. Eyetap Glasses. – installs on nokia phone.

  • Environment is the narrative. Marketing must learn to realign perspective.

TED: Pattie Maeas demos sixth sense.

#10 A look back at Gnomedex 9.0 – Kris Krüg

Kris has a video on YouTube on digital photography. Gnomedex 9 Awards Ceremony. @kk on twitter. Photos online.

Very early bird price of $299 at Gnomedex 2010 Aug 19th 2010. Bell Harbor, Seattle.

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