Wow, here I am getting ready to attend Gnomedex 10 and seeing that my last post here was about Gnomedex 9.


Well, there was this little interruption known as Kendell.

He’ll be eight months next week and is doing great. That certainly took time over posting anything substantial. As for sharing non-substantial things, hey, that’s what Twitter is for!

During my leave I did active the Linux site that’s part of my domain and install WordPress and import all the old posts over. Now it’s just a small matter of updating the old posts to permanently redirect to here.

And see if I can get in a few more posts before writing about Gnomedex 10 – which would seem to be the last of its kind of Gnomedex’s (-dexi?) so I’m going to do my best to enjoy it to pieces. I’m even thinking about lugging the Canon 7D along with me and snapping a bunch of candids.

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