The Two Towers

Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers – special extended two disc four hour commit a large portion of your life-to edition. Whew. It was great. I really enjoyed this version of The Two Towers. The new stuff didn’t drag at all. Once scene I wish they hadn’t had cut was when Faramir captures Frodo and Sam and muses over “good” and “evil” while considering the body of a warrior he had just killed. “Did he feel evil in his heart?” While the movies seem to project this idea of absolute evil and absolute good, a little bit of consideration for the worlds of grey would have been great to keep in, especially in reflection of today’s events.


Happy Thanksgiving – Beau, Bella, and I just hanging out at home. I spent the day wiring up a new receiver and moving the downstairs receiver upstairs. Who knew that connecting wires would take so much friggin’ time? Anyway, this is my first step to getting a projector system setup. I now have the hardware to drive a nice HD-quality system, I just have to wait to decide whether to do this before we move or after we move (most likely after).


Church at All Soul’s followed by a journey to Sparks for an early family Thanksgiving. Yet another wonderful party with LOTS and LOTS of food.

Engagement Party

Engagement Party – the engagement party was wonderful. Elisa’s Mom, Susan, put a lot of effort in to pulling it all together. Not only was Elisa’s family there but also my folks and relatives plus Jim and Sandra and John and Adrian. It’s great to be happy and to have all sorts of happy people gathered together.


Today Elisa and I became engaged!