Portal Fan Videos

I just finished Portal 2 recently. Portal’s end-song was a total surprise to me (Still Alive). I replayed the ending over and over again to enjoy it. I’m glad that they added a similar song to Portal 2 – and someone went and made a groovy fan music video for it.


Oh, and another recent fan video has to do with Chell after her escape. I love the back-rubbing part. Plus, there’s cake!

The Phoenix 50 Mile Wide Dust Storm–Video and Pictures

Now this is awesome in a scary biblical sense:

Watch a 50-Mile Wide Dust Storm Devour Phoenix – National – The Atlantic Wire

My Lawnmower Should Be In College

I just did a quick mow this fine afternoon and thought about how old my push-mower is. I bought it when I came out to the Pacific Northwest to work for Intel Supercomputers down in the Portland area.

Long. Long ago.

If I had a child as old as my lawnmower, they’d be on summer break from their sophomore year in college.