The Woodinville Traffic Circle – Wow, It’s Wonderful

Driving home at the end of the day along the RedWood corridor used to be a long clutch exercise of stop-and-go traffic, thanks to the traffic back-up at the light at the Hollywood Schoolhouse.

As part of the Wine Village That Never Happened, funding was gathered to put in three traffic circles: one big two-laner and two small ones to serve as entrances to the Wine Village.

It took a while but now they are done and the effect on traffic is wonderful. That last mile-and-a-half back-up is totally gone and traffic flows as if there’s no traffic at all. Score one for traffic circles. I’ve always been dubious about them, but now I want more. The next one? A mega traffic circle at RedWood and 124th. When they started lane construction there I hoped that it was a traffic circle but no. Maybe one day.


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  1. EricRi on September 18th, 2010

    This is a test of adding a captcha plug-in to the blog. It’s incredible the amount of random commment spam I’ve been getting.

  2. EricRi on September 18th, 2010

    No what happens if I don’t fill in the captcha? Meh, it’s not immediate – you still have to post and get a navigate to a “did not work” page, but at least when you go back (in Firefox) your comment text has been preserved.

    Anyway, nothing about the wonderful traffic circles, but hopefully a plug-in that will slow down the comment spammers that have found my teenie-weenie blog.

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