DJ Check 6 and XBox 360

Elisa picked me up Monday night due to the Subaru being in the shop due to a rotted radiator tube feeding into the heating system. After about the third turn not going in the direction of home, I simply asked, “Can you tell me where we are going so that I don’t have to start getting too anxious.”

“It’s a surprise!”

We ended up parking in front of building nine where a green XBox 360 show was going on. The fog was building pretty quick and the big lights shining into the fog wasn’t as cool as you’d think. We got out of the car and struck up a conversation with the fellow manning the light booth.

It was DJ Check 6 of Check 6 Productions:

We ended up having a great talk with him regarding the Manga Lounge and PLUR and postive rave / dance culture. He gave us a can of the Wired caffeine drink. It was a fun talk in the chilly, foggy cold. I was surprised how little was being done on the Microsoft campus to celebrate 360 other than this light show and other bits of green showing up on campus. Well, at least we got a fun, interesting talk out of it.