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I’m trying to set an RSS feed up as well via – it might be a bit funky as I adjust my template. Final URL should be: – let me try turning on my URL for publishing… hmm, had to try adding <span class=”rss:permalink”><a href=”<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>” title=”permanent link”<>/span> … and now I’ll give it some time.

Hello.  This is a test of the Microsoft speech recognition.  I’m very impressed at how well it does on recognizing my speech.  And this comes free with Microsoft office.  To tell you the truth I don’t know if I’ll use this versus typing all that much.  I guess I should find some fun ambiguous text to read and see how well it does, or perhaps some really big sat words.  I haven’t taken the time to learn how to do the commands as well as just the speech recognition.  In the meantime I’m just having fun learning.


So because of this Wired Magazine article ( ) I finally borrowed Who Moved My Cheese? from Elisa Sunday night and gave it a read.  Not too bad – I had read mostly negative things about it deeming it too simplistic. 

It does have just a few central points, though, and does it nicely.  Given that my profession is beginning to move offshore more and more, it serves as a nice reality check to stop and look around and realizing what I’m doing might very well be done less and less on U.S. soil in the years to come… my cheese is indeed changing.

(At a meeting today, I joked how the future versions of our product might have to be localized for English.)

Okay, so my Cheese hasn’t so much been moved as replaced with something funky: .

Hem or Haw? 

Snazzy desktops are everywhere at this week’s LinuxWorld. But as developers strive for a user-friendly interface, many roll out products that bear a striking resemblance to Microsoft software. Michelle Delio reports from New York.


What Microsoft has is Program Managers, QA, and testers.  And World Class software development.  As of now, what Linux does is copy.  Linux can’t out innovate Microsoft.  It can copy.  And if it copies and destroys the innovator, what then?  What’s the reward?

Feed set-up – Atom syntax

Blogger’s come through and now my Atom-syntax feed is working at No, it’s not RSS. I imagine that RSS will be around for a while, but RSS is a neat little idea that was powerful but not up to snuff for 21st century web standards.

Trying out atom…

Blogger just turned on Atom for syndicated the blog feed – here goes a test post!

Just Rain

It’s hard to believe just two weeks ago we had a foot of snow on the ground and more on the way. Now it’s just plain wet and mistly and 100% Northwest. The house did great and had no problems with the Thursday big thaw.

Cabin Fever

One thing I’ve gotten used to wrt Northwest snow: it snows, you admire its beauty, and then it melts and you can go about your business. Well, Thursday’s and Saturday’s snow is still here (about a foot’s worth) and the only melting I’ve seen is the ice hanging off of the house. Seeing that I’d have 20 out of 50 miles of black ice to drive in on today, I decided to stay home and continue reading my backlog of .NET material. And now another big snow system is heading our way tonight, but there is a silver lining to this snow cloud: it’s supposed to start raining by midnight Tuesday. In the meantime, we might get one to two more feet of snow.

And I’m getting cabin fever. So, for a late lunch Elisa and I are going to slowly motor up Graham Hill and go to the Safeway and the local Mexican restaurant. We’ll be stocking up for tonight and Tuesday (and heaven forbid, Wednesday). I’m looking forward to the return of the rain. I always wanted to experience a big bunch of snow here in Graham. Check!

Dance Dance Revolution

My new work-out routine: Dance Dance Revolution! Just fire this baby up and I’m bouncing all over the floor trying to tap and stomp my feet according to those arrows scrolling across the screen. I’m still learning and that mat keeps scooting around on me, but I’m getting better (all the way up to a “D” score in game mode! Whoo!). It’s nice to have at least one video game that burns calories vs. time (I swear I sat down to play Halo for just two hours but it was actually four).

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