The Woodinville Traffic Circle – Wow, It’s Wonderful

Driving home at the end of the day along the RedWood corridor used to be a long clutch exercise of stop-and-go traffic, thanks to the traffic back-up at the light at the Hollywood Schoolhouse.

As part of the Wine Village That Never Happened, funding was gathered to put in three traffic circles: one big two-laner and two small ones to serve as entrances to the Wine Village.

It took a while but now they are done and the effect on traffic is wonderful. That last mile-and-a-half back-up is totally gone and traffic flows as if there’s no traffic at all. Score one for traffic circles. I’ve always been dubious about them, but now I want more. The next one? A mega traffic circle at RedWood and 124th. When they started lane construction there I hoped that it was a traffic circle but no. Maybe one day.

Eric Richards – Resume Techie Break

It has been a while but I finally got around to updating my exceptionally out of date resume: Eric Richards Resume 2010 Edition – HTML, PDF, and Word.

As I mentioned over in my Techie Blog things have been quiet here. Part of it is just finding the bandwidth, especially when you’re raising an almost eight-month year old. I also started the light rework of my website back in the middle of winter by activating the Linux subsite so that I could host my own WordPress blog engine while at the same time moving the Windows hosting from Server 2003 to Server 2008.

That second part came at a high cost – no more FrontPage extensions, which really wedged up much editing for a while. Eventually I learned to get Expression Web FTP syncing to go, but again it was one of those on/off things to get working.

Anyway, I’ve put off the resume update for some three years now so it’s good to get it refreshed and talk about the time I’ve been working over in Windows Live on the Photo Gallery product.