10 Free Plug-ins to Enhance Photoshop

Found off of digg.com: 10 Free Plug-ins to Enhance Photoshop

Right now, I’m probably going to break out the water oil paints first for some traditional art, but getting new plug-ins might also convince me to fire up Painter again.

Mystery Solved!

For the past few weeks, usually while walking Bella in the morning, I have heard this mystery from the trees. A bird. What sounded like a big bird. And a bit like a… monkey? One day, I heard one off in the distance to my left, answered by one off in the distance to my right. I tried to figure out how to verbalize the strange call…

Finally, tonight, mystery solved! As the sun was beginning to set, I took the first bag of Elisa’s to the Subaru and up above in a nearby maple tree, I heard the call. I peeked up! What did I see? A big ole Pileated Woodpecker

Ah ha!

I went back inside for the next bag and grabbed my audio recorder. Unfortunately, it had, uh, rebooted. By the time I got out, hoping for my first podcast, it had flown away.

But at least now I can rest easy. There’s one less mystery in the world.