Derek K. Miller – Dead man walking?

Best wishes to Derek as he deals with his health news (Derek K. Miller – Penmachine words music comment – Vancouver, Canada: Dead man walking? ). We crossed paths at last year’s Gnomedex 6 and he was kind enough to take a picture of my Sweetie and I in a super-retro pod chair at the Experience Music Project party (I would link to the picture, but… well… geek belly and pod chairs don’t go together too well. But I love the enthused expression on my face and my Sweetie looks great. Cropping to the rescue.).

Best wishes, Derek.

Booked into Facebook

Hey, I’m having fun with Facebook. I had tried Friendster and never got beyond my Sweetie as my friend. I guess since I’m a corporate guy Facebook is more interesting to me.

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Lunch Time Bloggin' with Windows Live Writer Beta

I’ve been on a non-intended blogging break, with a lot of “ooh, I should blog about that!” thoughts but little typing. So, given an actual free lunch hour, I thought it would be good to get back into the blog groove.

I just downloaded an installed my favorite blogging tool that has recently been updated, Windows Live Writer. Very nice. You can find the latest beta here: Windows Live Writer Beta. There are also new betas for:

Good stuff.