R.I.P. Patrick McGoohan, The Prisoner's TV Visionary

The Prisoner was one of those shows I watched in the afternoon growing up and then tore into when it came out on VCR. Pretty wild stuff, especially the last episode. From Wired.com:

From the outset, McGoohan constructed The Prisoner as an escape vehicle designed to tease brains and incite response. Its main character, Number Six, was, like John Drake, an intelligence agent, but one tired of the grind and looking to retire, much like McGoohan when he dreamed up the character after expressing a desire to leave Danger Man. He conceived the series nearly on his own, and wrote and directed several episodes, including some of the finest: “Many Happy Returns” and the last two episodes “Once Upon a Time” and “Fall Out.” When he first thought up the influential series, McGoohan wrote a 50-page Prisoner bible that explained everything actors, producers and other principals needed to know.