Leavenworth's Festival of Lights

Last weekend, my Sweetie and I enjoyed our first trip together to Leavenworth, Washington to be there for their Festival of Lights.

I put up some photos:

Eric’s Leavenworth Pictures

Windows Live Spaces

Just for grins, I also uploaded the pictures to flickr, too (since I work on one of the most awesome Photo teams in the World, and yes, we publish to flickr in addition to Windows Live Spaces):

One thing that’s cool about flickr is that I’ve allowed it map any pictures that I’ve geotagged. While I need to go through and geotag my Vancouver pictures (still), I uploaded one from my AT&T Tilt that was taken through locr, adding the latitude and longitude of the picture downtown. You can go to my flickr map to see that:

(as more show up, more pictures should be available).

The trip was fun. We arrived Friday and had the town pretty much to ourselves. We really liked hanging out at Uli’s between adventures. We had dinner at Mozart’s in the middle of a nice snow – I think about four-inches fell Friday night and Saturday started out with sunshine and was absolutely beautiful.

By the time we took the shuttle to the Icicle Creek sleigh ride it was lightly snowing again, which was grand. Our driver, Aaron, was just as interesting to me as the sleigh ride itself.

We got back in time for the big lighting festival, followed by a townwide Chicken Dance. Yes, I did the Chicken Dance and I believe I did it quite well.

Sunday we got a quick walk in along the river park. I didn’t realize that the park was so big, and goes to a little island. It’s certainly worth putting time aside to escape the crowds and go enjoy the park.

The one really, really smart thing we did thanks to my Sweetie was to take a bus. It was scheduled via Greyhound and we picked it up in nearby Monroe. On the way there, we passed one bad wreck (semi-truck with its cab on the side and one very crushed red pickup) and on the way back almost got crashed into (kid coming out of the ski slope floored his Explorer – gee, who knew you weren’t supposed to floor the gas on ice patches?). Being without a car made enjoying Leavenworth easy, too.

Oooh, and I typed on this long enough for MSN Soapbox to finish processing my short two-minute point-and-shoot video I uploaded of the beginning of our sleigh ride (again, uploaded via the very swanky Windows Live Photo Gallery):

Leavenworth Sleigh Ride
Leavenworth Sleigh Ride

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