The President Holds an Open Discussion Across the Aisle

I downloaded the MP4 video of this today after I saw so many political discussions. Whether you agree with Obama or  not, it was good to see the President engaging directly with this opposing party and trying to forge a productive path forward:

Today the President did something unusual in American politics – initiated an open dialogue with members of the opposite party.  Visiting the House Republican retreat, he took questions on anything they wanted to talk about.  He heard them out, acknowledged where they were right, and gave a genuine explanation where he felt they were wrong.

Original link: The President Holds an Open Discussion Across the Aisle | The White House

Moving over to WordPress

I’m in the slow process of moving two blogs off of Google’s Blogger and over to WordPress hosted on my little website.

So far, so good. This blog I had my hosting site ( auto-create for me. Unfortunately, it only auto-creates on for you, so I had to create my second blog (well, start the creation of it) by hand. We’ll see later how that goes.

Next up: redirection of the old blog over to here.