Quick Trip to La Conner

We put faith in the weather report and headed out for a quick afternoon trip to La Conner, even though it was still gray and cloudy. It’s not a far drive and by the time we got there the blue skies were spreading far and wide.

We had lunch at Palmer’s, which was much nicer on the inside than I thought it would be. We sat in a spot by the window so that we could watch the various boats tooting along the channel.

Embarrassingly enough, this was the first time I’d really used my wide angle lens for much. It is way wider than anything else I have (10-22, though of course I have a 1.6 effect with my Canon 400D/XTi body).

Pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ericri/tags/laconner/

We headed to the local La Conner Shirts store stock full of “Life is Good” ware (just about every design they make); they really need a “Life is Good” with Jake taking some photos. I then did a longingly slow walk through the nearby wood works store and then headed to A Class Act Gallery to enjoy Tim Wistrom‘s paintings, a lot of which show a post-human Seattle (like the ocean having risen to the brim of the Space Needle, with palm trees growing on the top and dolphins swimming around bottom).

On our way out of town, we stopped by the Snow Goose Produce market. I was just going to hang near the Subaru until I got a whiff of the waffle cones. An evil, seductive whiff. I plunked down $5.25 in no time for a Lopez Island Pecan and Pralines cone with one scoop. One, big huge scoop that seemed as big as a single Ben & Jerry’s container. I sat with my Sweetie and her Mum and watched Mt. Baker slowly emerge from the clouds.

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