How I Got The Lady to Spin Clockwise

This is popular right now: Right Brain v Left Brain | Herald Sun .

My Sweetie pulled it up for me last night. Yup, she spins counter-clockwise for me. Nope, no way to change. Studying the silhouette, I couldn’t imagine how the image could. I focused on her feet etc etc and couldn’t spin her clockwise.

Then, I:

  • Right clicked on the image to save it to my pictures folder.
  • Saw that the image had a boring, technical name by default.
  • Gave it a new name that was nice and understandable.
  • Saved it.
  • Went back to the page, and, who-da-what-sa?!?!
  • She’s spinning clockwise.

Let me check again…

Yup, still clockwise.


(Oh, no, I inserted her and she wasn’t spinning, so I had to go through Live Writer to ensure it wasn’t dorking with the image: made it original size and removed the drop shadow. Now she’s back to spinning counter-clockwise. Sigh.)