Fun! Russell’s Dining and Bar

Saturday night we had a wonderful rare occasion: a sweetie date out for dinner! Kendell went to bed early and Victoria came over to sit and ensure he stayed asleep.

I started up the Passport Mobile app on my Focus earlier in the day curious what was nearby and Russell’s came up as a match. I’ve been wanting to go to Russell’s for a while (B.K.).

So, two starting advantages for Russell’s:

  • They take the PrimeCard for two-for-one entrées (dinner only).
  • They have a wonderfully enlightened policy of no-corkage fee for Washington State wines. Wow.

We grabbed a bottle of wine and hit the road.

It is in an old converted barn that is, given the office park, surrounded by lots of businesses. So that’s a bit odd. We went to the bar for dirty martinis and the rest of the evening was a delight. Lara was our waitperson and was professional & fantastic. Great seared scallops, great duck, great filet mignon. Great desert, too (caramel + chocolate).

The only complaint (or warning) I have is: realize that the spacious upper part of the barn is typically for wedding receptions and if everyone up there gets in the groove and dancing enthusiastically, you’re going to feel like a herd of bovines is prancing above you.

One of these days, I’ll be sure to make their lunch, too.


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