Snow snuck up on us…

Snow? Who ordered this? This wasn’t expected. The snow started coming down in the afternoon and by night we had more than an inch (yeah, pretty slow). I grabbed the video camera and took Beau and Bella outside to enjoy them playing around in the snow. I got good video of Bella making a “Bella Angel” as she rolled around on her back in the show. Beau’s poor rear-end is giving out on him little by little each day, but he still was up for playing with Bella in the snow. Oh, and before the snow Elisa and I enjoyed our collards and black-eyed peas. Yeah!

Painter 8

Painter 8 and TabletPC – I’m thrilled. I downloaded a new driver from Wacom and now Painter 8 runs in my TabletPC just like you’d expect: I can draw on the screen and all is great. The pressure sensitivity is not as good as a real drawing tablet but it’s okay for doing sketches as such AND you can draw right there on the screen.

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