The Doodles – Opus and Bill Debug a Supercomputer

I’ve decided to start uploading some of the various doodles I’ve done over the years, starting with some that are from back in the 90s while I was working at Intel.

The first one is of Opus and Bill debugging a supercomputer. An Intel mesh-designed supercomputer in this case. I was responsible for XIPD, the graphical front-end to our debugging technology (IPD was the command-line debugger). Anyway, in between all the graycode and TAMs and GTAMs, it helped to think of things being a bit more fanciful than they were…

Opus and Bill Debug an Application on an Intel Supercomputer

I’m also starting iwth this one because it’s pretty light-hearted compared to my other doodles. Deep apologies to Berkeley Breathed.

(BTW, I’m suspicious that some of these scans might have a transparency bit helpfully set when the shouldn’t – if you’re so inclined, click on the link to see the raw image.)



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