Fuji-Leo and Demon Doodles

First of all is Fuji-Leo Monster:

Fuji-Leo Monster The Fuji-Leo monster comes from a time at Intel when it seemed as though our main server would freeze quite often. They even put in an LED reader board so that we’d know what was going on with the Fuji / Leo servers.

As folks who work in cubicles know, when something bad happens that prevents everyone from doing their work, you descend into groundhog spy-hopping mode: everyone starts standing up and looking around to see if anyone else is standing up looking around. Soon you have half of the people standing up and looking around since they can’t get anything done…

After I popped up my head one day, I sat down and doodled for a bit, letting my C++’d little mind unwind.


I like this demon portrait. Eh, I could have done a better job on the muscles, but I love the head and mouth and especially the little round marble-like thing being pinched between two nails. What is it? A little soul…

(Edit: putting an ampersand in a file name is asking for trouble in this web world. Renamed. Naughty demon.)


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