The Tillamook Treasure – Movie

I stumbled across this movie while looking up the actor Max Gail (why? Welllll, Brom and I met him when we were kids on Schofield Barracks and he was filming Pearl on the base – I was wondering how close that made me to Kevin Bacon [answer: 2]. Why Kevin Bacon? Oh, you know, the degrees between people and Kevin Bacon can come up at unexpected moments. Why Max Gail? I don’t know. I’ve always liked him. And he was the first guy I ever saw wearing an earring. And he was kind enough to sign an autograph for two kids on base.).

Anyway, back to the movie: The Tillamook Treasure. I love the description of it. It looks like it is racking up the awards though I’m much more interested in seeing it. Not only does it sound like an interesting story, Tillamook has a special place in my heart thanks to trips there when I lived in Oregon. And cheese.

I look forward to seeing the movie one day.


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  1. Richard on March 28th, 2007

    You stumbled onto our movie and I just stumbled onto your blog.

    The movie has done well at festivals and we are very close to completing a distribution deal. As you might know, as hard as it is to make an idependent film, it is even hard to get it distributed.

    Max is a great actor and added greatly to the movie. We had a superb cast and our locations were stunningly beautiful.

    If you or your readers are inrerested in an emailed newsletter about the film, send your address to

    By the way, a piece of trivia for you: The young star of the movie, Suzanne Marie Doyon and her sister, Janine Doyon (who play sisters in the movie) were born in Seattle. Their sister Danielle was raised in Redmond. The director, Jane Beaumont Hall, lived in Seattle for many years before heading to sunny Santa Monica and has been going to Manzanita every summer since she was 11. The oppening scene, where Juile (Suzanne) encounters an elk on the beach, was inspired by a real incident when Suzanne and Janine were toddlers and an elk ran down the beach in Manzanita, swerving around them at the last minute.


    Richard Doyon

  2. Eric Richards on March 28th, 2007

    Thanks, Richard!

    I can’t wait to see the movie!

    All the best in wrapping up the distribution. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment.

    == Eric

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