Raymond Chen – Iced-over roads + people who can't drive = very expensive (and dangerous) game of billiards

A follow-up to yesterday’s Portland smash-em-up video of cars on an icy hill: this includes an interview with the young man who took the video, with commentary and, at the end, an on-foot view of the car carnage:

Unbelievable video of people in Portland, OR who should know better trying to drive down an icy road. (Direct WMV link. Interview with the person who shot the video, but you’re going to have to put up with the inane local news-anchor chatter. That last link includes images of cars that, yup, struck the fire truck.)

They said this was at SW 20th and Salmon in Portland… let’s see if I can find a map…

Source: The Old New Thing : Iced-over roads + people who can’t drive = very expensive (and dangerous) game of billiards

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