Day Trip to Roslyn

Day Trip! On Sunday Elisa and I headed off for a day trip to Roslyn Washington. Right off of Route 90, exit #80. This is where the TV show Northern Exposure was filmed.

We ended up being so lucky to be there during their Coal Miner celebration (missed the Manly Man festival!). So there was a party atmoshphere going on within the town’s single main block.

The Roslyn Cafe was closed, but we did stick our head into The Brick and got to enjoy a crashing loud Scottish band (some things shouldn’t be enjoyed within closed spaces).

Later we wandered about the large cemetary that is unique in the way it’s divided into lodge and other social groups. There’s also an area where 200 black coal miners are buried, along with a dedication to the 2001 Thirty Mile Fire firefighters who lost their lives defending NW forests.


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