A New Job at Microsoft for Eric!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I made a big shift at Microsoft: I moved out of Office and into a completely different group at Microsoft. I’m very excited about the new group, what it is currently working on to ship, and the future features that the team is going to deliver.

I’ll certainly miss being in the Office group. I’ve really been with the same group since starting at Microsoft back in 1997, just sort of surfing along through the various re-orgs. But when the job req for the position I ended up moving to was posted to an internal list, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I even sat down and drew out ideas for growth and connections for the group through-out Microsoft properties.

If you can find a job that gets you constantly thinking in a positive and expansive way, well, go for it! So I did. It took me sometime to work though the internal job change process but now I’m in Building 119 and have hit the ground running.

It’s a great group. This is shown by the fact that I’ve at least felt both productive and part of the team already over the past couple of weeks.

I look forward to shipping so that I can start saying more about the team and its mission.

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