What's *That* Bird?

It’s strange when you drive for just a short bit and start to see animals that aren’t local to your home area. Well, once you get into the Cascade Mountain range, let alone east of it, you’re in an entirely different eco-system than moist, verdant Puget Sound.

The first thing I noticed: a black and white bird that swooped like a jay and had a striking white semi-circle pattern along its back when it flew. I kept watching these birds trying to figure out what they were. Related to the crow?

Then I noticed some dark blue feathers along their back. Hmm. My one picture of the bird didn’t turn out so well:

So finally I started looking for it. What do I think it is? A black billed magpie. See National Geographic: Lewis & Clark—Animals—Black-Billed Magpie or Black-billed Magpie. It would see that it is indeed in the crow family.

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