The Police at Key Arena in Seattle

Well, I’m a bit late sharing this, but I was lucky enough to go to the 2nd “The Police” show in Seattle on June 7th.

Here’s a flickr site search with a number of results:

It was a fantastic show: tight, well run, and highly energetic. And I had a pretty good seat, too. Sting would talk to the audience here-and-there, but either my ears are shot or his mic was tuned more for singing than talking because I couldn’t make out a single echoey word he was saying.

Sting’s son was the opening act and I got to see maybe three of his songs near the end of the set. Main thing that impressed me: he got up high on one of the amps and jumped down. Do that, pops!

The audience was really revved up and did a good job singing along (surprise!). My only grief was, having had done a team hike to Rattlesnake Ledge that day, aching feet that stood in disbelief that everyone in the audience wanted to stand for two hours straight during the concert. Well, also that Eastside and Seattle traffic is such a nightmare that it took well over an hour-and-a-half in my stickshift to get to Key Area from Redmond. My left leg was begging for mercy.

But it was worth it!

(Except for the part thinking about the Synchronicity album released back in the summer I graduated from high school… 1983 and that was… twenty-four years ago… o… m… g… I’m old. When did that happen?)


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