What's Up with The Brown Bag Cafe?

Oh, no, what’s up with the Redmond Brown Bag Cafe?

My Sweetie and I wanted to get out of the house today (we’re both sick with a cold + cough and under the weather) and decided at the Brown Bag Cafe in Redmond would be good (good soup for my Sweetie, bad country-fried steak for Eric). We got there and my first impression was: “Wow, look at all this parking! Yeah! Score!”

Next: “For sale sign?”

Next: “‘Open’ sign not lit.”

Next: uh-oh.

Looks like The Brown Bag Cafe is shut down. I had just called a little earlier to check on how long the wait might be but got their standard answering machine greeting. There were too many confused cars making their way in and out of the parking lot to get out and see if there was a note about what was going on. I might have to park nearby and see if I can find out the story.

In the meantime: bummers.

(Oh, I did a quick blog search: one fellow mentioned he read the note and went to the Kirkland Brown Bag to ask what was up, not getting much of an answer other than the owner had decided to close the Redmond location. Hmmph.)

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2 Responses to “What's Up with The Brown Bag Cafe?”

  1. Casey on March 29th, 2008

    Hmph indeed! I noticed the same thing yesterday when I drove past Brown Bag! It’s no longer! My heart is broken. (The Kirkand one just isn’t the same) Shoot – there goes Redmond’s best breakfast place unless you know of another?? :-(

  2. Anonymous on April 11th, 2008

    The owner closed it because he ignored the city’s numerous requests to update the facility. Business was booming! Serves him right…the place has been up for sale for 2 months now. Should have listened to the city before they shut him down!

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