HD-DVD, Thanks to NetFlix, You're Dead to Me

Wow, this is too bad: Netflix, Citing a Clear Signal From the Industry, Will Carry High-Def DVDs Only in Blu-ray Format – Feb 11, 2008. While I own a few HD-DVDs, I mainly have been watching them via NetFlix.

(Another sick-day for me, so time to catch up on some mindless blogging; hopefully what comes out from my fingertips is reasonable English.)

I didn’t go feet first with HD-DVD: I just bought the HD-DVD extender for the Xbox 360. And I’ve watched more than a few movies on it, but I can tell you that I’ve had more problems playing back HD-DVDs than I’d like (most recently, the climax for The Bourne Ultimatum – I thought that if I wanted HD-DVD to fail, I’d certainly rent HD-DVD disks and corrupt the climax to a movie…).

So now… Blu-Ray? Maybe. I’d much rather just download the movies and burn them to a data disk or play them off the network. The nice thing about the HD-DVD plugged into the Xbox is that I didn’t have to go and find another way to wire HD video and surround sound into my stuffed system. Here’s hoping that one day I can download my NetFlix rentals directly onto my Xbox hard disk, maybe unlocking the next video in the queue after I delete what I just watched (and initiate the next download).

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