Back from Long Beach

Elisa, Beau, Bella, and myself took a couple of days off from the Puget Sound area to visit the Long Beach Penisula. We stayed at the Moby Dick Hotel (a place I’d been with Bella long ago when we first got her). Unfortunately, a neighbor had sprayed some herbicide recently so they weren’t risking harvesting the oysters.

We managed to get some time in to…

  • Walk around the Moby Dick and flush out a loud heron
  • Drive up to the beach and see the Pacific (didn’t drive on the beach this time)
  • Have a great dinner
  • Go for the short hike to the ocean from Leadbetter State Park
  • Take a nap on the beach (all four of us!)
  • Stop by a little seafood retailer near The Ark and get some fresh, fresh tuna (in season)
  • Finally: fried oysters!


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