Kill Bill (no, Kill Dots!)

Saw Kill Bill tonight. Only one person walked out, so I guess that means everyone else knew how god-awful violent (though, kind of a cartoony-violent) the movie was going to be. It’s a little too tongue-in-cheeck to be called a great movie, but it was a nice way to spend some time and see all sorts of wonderful movie magic.

Oh, and there was a complete film-geek in the row ahead of mine. He was commenting on all the little details that people like to geek-out over (gunfire flash spattered on the walls, etc.). Glad I’m not that bad!

What really bothered me though is something I wish I hadn’t read about. To help track down how their movies are being copied in theaters and published on the street or to the Internet, movie companies are adding these encoded dot patterns to films (encoded to track down distribution). During the “House of Blue Leaves” portion of this movie, I could really see the dots a lot. They’d flash momentarily on a bathroom wall or a paper door.


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