Lost in Translation, Duran Duran and I'm so old…

Today was the last day of booth duty. One of the fellows predicted exactly what ended up happening: (1) There was going to be a swag grab (people grabbing all the free stuff provided by the booths), (2) People were going to blow-off the break-outs and other sessions and finally get to the the booths to get their answers questions, and (3) Come 5pm, people would start disappearing.

The swag disappeared pretty quickly. Some people were grabbing anything that looked like it was meant to be free. Their fingers twitched all anxious-like: so hurried to ensure they could load up on all this crap to take home. Well, I guess kids like the stuff, so that’s cool.

Then I got loaded with lots of people wanting to talk about InfoPath. Really good people. I enjoyed learning about what their line of work was and what they needed and how InfoPath could help them out.

After my turn was done, I talked with some of the partners using InfoPath and then ditched the Microsoft work to go enjoy the glorious day. What the-? Still raining?!? The forecasted sun decided to skip out. So rather than enjoy a damp downtown, I skipped it back to the same theater from the night before to see Lost in Translation (good movie, I don’t think I’d want to see it again. I can’t really recommend it.).

Then it was time for one last party at the aquarium. So-so food (well, free food so actually it was great). The aquarium is doing well, though this has to be about the fourth time I’ve been through it. I got to run the electric eel voltage spinner and shock a couple of people. Then it was time for the Duran Duran concert.

Come about the third Duran Duran song, I suddenly realized: I’m old. Duran Duran was new and fresh and hip during my last year in high school. We’re talking 1982 / 1983. Rio and Hungry Like the Wolf and all that. Twenty years! Almost enough time for a kid to have been born and looking forward to drinking alcohol!



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