Back from New Orleans

Well, on Monday I travelled back to the Northwest, leaving at O’dark-30 on a long flight from N.O. to S.F. Flying over S.F. was great! I was even able to see the Golden Gate Bridge when flying back to SeaTac. The downtown area is HUGE.

Back in the Northwest it is was cloudy and cool. Somehow, I knew I was going to forget my nice spring jacket in the hotel room. Sure enough. It just wasn’t cold enough there to remember to grab it at 4:50am on the way to the shuttle.

Beau required a quick trip to the vet to cut out a gross-little fly parasite that usually takes residence in mice but one decided that Beau was good enough to raise its young. Luckily the vet had it out lickity-snip. Since the van hadn’t be reloaded with the dog crates yet, Beau got to take a ride in the Subaru, something he hadn’t done since 1998, if I remember right.


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