Company Meeting

Company meeting: instead of showing fancy computer graphic loops this year, Microsoft did a wonderfully wise thing and showed all of their historic “fun” mock videos. These videos typically can’t be released outside of company events because some contain blatant copyright violation (okay to do, I guess, as long as you don’t let it out of the wild).

Some of my favorites (before and during the meeting):

  • Da Da Da – Gates and Balmer driving around as in the old VW ad. Instead of picking up an old stinky chair they pick up an old stinky Sun workstation, promptly abandoning it as soon as they get a good whiff.
  • Weapon of Choice – Valentine stuck in a boring analyst meeting riffing between the choice of either Microsoft of all of its partners or IBM and Linux / Penguin lock-in.
  • Motivator – Valentine as the body-checking motivator to keep the Windows team productive and not goofing off.
  • Steve-o – a Matrix send up with Balmer as Neo / Steve-o and Gates as Morpheus: the red pill has a tiny Windows logo on it, the blue pill is a huge with an IBM / Penguin logo on it.


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