Cabin Fever

One thing I’ve gotten used to wrt Northwest snow: it snows, you admire its beauty, and then it melts and you can go about your business. Well, Thursday’s and Saturday’s snow is still here (about a foot’s worth) and the only melting I’ve seen is the ice hanging off of the house. Seeing that I’d have 20 out of 50 miles of black ice to drive in on today, I decided to stay home and continue reading my backlog of .NET material. And now another big snow system is heading our way tonight, but there is a silver lining to this snow cloud: it’s supposed to start raining by midnight Tuesday. In the meantime, we might get one to two more feet of snow.

And I’m getting cabin fever. So, for a late lunch Elisa and I are going to slowly motor up Graham Hill and go to the Safeway and the local Mexican restaurant. We’ll be stocking up for tonight and Tuesday (and heaven forbid, Wednesday). I’m looking forward to the return of the rain. I always wanted to experience a big bunch of snow here in Graham. Check!


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