The software side of Intel

The article The software side of Intel discusses Intel’s foray into software development. Most folks know I worked for Intel Supercomputers before Microsoft. We were a strange breed: software developers in a hardware company. And we weren’t really all that valued. Folks who moved on had a hard time finding good software jobs at Intel. I left the company. Coming to work for Microsoft was wonderful. It is a software company with a wonderful process for creating software and being super customer focused. Perhaps Intel can pull it off. I doubt it. Also, Intel needs to come out and say they’ll support any software they ship for ten years. Why? Because it’s easy to decide “Oh, this is hard. Alright, we tried. Time to close shop and move back to hardware.” I can’t count the number of consumer devices Intel has dropped and the supporting software is bit-rotting. I’d love it if Intel could pull-off software development, if only to know lots of folks I used to work with could finally kick some butt.


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