Trip to Portland, Aug. 2003

So last weekend, Elisa and I went to Portland for a long weekend. We stayed at the Heathman downtown and had a pretty good time (well, great, excepting that a bed bug did bite one night and various phone messages to our room never got delivered).

Some random goodness we got to enjoy:

  • Dinner at the Heathman. Great (fantastic) food served in reasonable portions.
  • Walking around downtown and seeing all the various little tourist spots I like: Portlandia, various fountains, Mills End Park, the water front, Saturday Market, etc. etc.
  • Powell’s. Bigger and better than ever!
  • Breakfast at the Bijou Cafe. Yum!
  • Finally getting to go to Papa Haydn’s
  • Running into a friend of Elisa’s and enjoying 2nd breakfast with her and her friends visiting from Atlanta (and getting to hear Atlanta stories in turn).
  • Seeing Norah Jones at the Schnitz
  • Realizing there is a real-world reason why I would use a camera phone.
  • Seeing the old house in Aloha and (thanks to Elisa’s prompting) stopping by to say “Hello” and see all the great things they’ve done with the house.
  • Seeing that there is still growth in Portland and the Western ‘Burbs – what recession?
  • Taking a walk from Washington Park to Pittock Mansion and giving Mom & Dad a call on a cell phone while looking out over downtown Portland. Time rushes on.
  • Talking to the Heathman staff late Monday night about the various ghost stories associated with the hotel (avoid the “03″ rooms, especially 803, 703, and 303 – we weren’t too far away from 303)
  • Marrakesh is still some kind of good Morrocan food!


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