Papa's New Phone – Nokia 3650

Alright, I’ve been considering getting a new mobile phone for a while, especially given that my Nokia’s screen was beginning to go on the fritz (given that it’s so small, it had taken many a trip in my pants pocket, and that’d started taking its toll).

So I’ve had my eye on the Nokia 3650 for a while. Finally picked it up this past Friday. I sort of feel that it’s a hip Gen-Y’ers phone and some of the features might be lost on me, but in the meantime I’m finding it good enough that I can probably get by without toting my PocketPC with me everywhere.

The bad is that it’s bigger than my old Nokia, so I have to go around with a belt-clip, and I feel like I’m a total dork (a total well connected dork, but still a dork).

But it does have a built-in XHTML web browser, so I can bring up traffic / other info as needed.

Plus, as I mentioned in my Portland story, there are times you wish you could snap a quick and dirty picture. Twice in Portland I could have killed to snap a picture:

  1. The lady at the concert hall trying to find a quite space to talk had her head tucked in next to the rear of a big plastic street cow (it was playing a sax on the other end). She left her nice, round plush black purse on the ground by the cow’s rear hooves, looking like quite a nice cow pattie. I so wanted a snap of that, and if I had it, I’d call it “Can you hear me now?”
  2. Walking the streets of Portland Tuesday morning before lunch, I passed several street garbage cans piled high with pyramids of coffee cups. This is Portland. Empty cups piled high on empty cups.


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