Thank you, Stephen Colbert

This is a strange point in history, a time where we look to our jesters to make the most direct points about truth and what’s going on: Daily Kos: Re-Improved Colbert transcript (now with complete text of Colbert-Thomas video!)

That was some pretty direct stuff delivered really well.

Due to where we live, I don’t get exposed to cable news anymore (well, any news, except via newspaper and web-browser). I take that back – sometimes, when working out, I’ll slip on the headphones and tune into CNN or FOX or the local news being shown on the monitors looming over the machines.

It amazes me how they talk about nothing. Has the talent pool been spread so thin that there truly is nothing important to talk about so you talk and conjecture about nothing? Seems to be. To talk with authority is more important than to talk about something of meaning, something with content. I want a collapse in the news business just so that they can drum out all the marginal talent and maybe get refocused on meaningful news again.

We are in the middle of regrettable history. I thought about that during a Portland weekend trip recently, standing in front of the monument put up recognizing the wrongs of the Japanese interment of WWII. And only the jesters are pointing out our folly…


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