Woodinville Wine Village – any year now

It’s getting closer. But while we wait, the Woodinville Wine Village continues to grow. I somehow missed the news (probably while traveling) but the village, located where SR-202 – aka Redwood Road – bends at the Hollywood Schoolhouse has procured the set of apartments along the Sammamish River and some more property. Other than the stroll across busy SR-202, the village is very convenient and close to Elisa and I.

What else is new? They are putting in not just one circle but three traffic circles. I’m going to have to download the documents to see more.


Hmm, too bad. Their revised plan is a zero-length ZIP file. Okay, digging around some more I see that slide #21 of their round-about presentation shows where the other two round-abouts would be. Luckily (?) not right at our entry onto to SR-202.

Looks like they are way, way behind schedule though if construction was supposed to begin May 2006.

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