Toad the Wet Sprocket

I’m off to Seattle tonight to see Toad the Wet Sprocket.

I’ve listened to them since my Auburn days… I caught the video “One Little Girl” on 120 Minutes one night and got hooked. Though I couldn’t afford to buy the CD at the time I at least had WEGL to play the occassional Toad and looked forward to their various CDs as they came out. And then one day, I actually was able to buy them.

I’ve seen them… let’s see… I guess only once before. In Portland. At the dark hole that is the Roseland Theater.

Susan and I had written some of the words to “Walk on the Ocean” to start “We spotted the Boo-Bear” in reference to travelling to Olympia, when we lived near Portland, to pick up Beauregard from the Pyrenees breeder there.

Then Toad broke up.

When Elisa and I travelled to Las Vegas to meet my folks, Toad was playing a reunion concert there. But it was too much to try to consider fitting that in.

Now tonight! Unfortunately, Elisa’s travelling so I’m going to be the lonely guy with an empty seat next to me.

(written using the new Windows Live Writer… it’s posted to my other two blogs just swell, though this blog has a stylesheet that has confused it so I’m just typing in their plain mode. Windows Live Writer is great!)


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